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蔡琴 2019 “有琴有義”防癌慈善義演


2019 Tsai Chin Charity Concerts


Redemption Church 

105 Nortech Parkway, San Jose, CA 95135


May 10, 2019, Friday 星期五, 7:30pm

May 11, 2019, Saturday 星期六, 7:30pm


華人癌症紀念基金會 (Chinese Cancer Memorial Foundation)


新希望華人癌症關懷基金會 (New Hope Chinese Cancer Care Foundation)

史丹福大學亞裔肝臟中心 (Asian Liver Center at Stanford University)

美華慈心關懷聯盟 (Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care)

希望之心安寧醫護關懷中心 (Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care)

票價 Ticket:

VIP | $150 | $120 | $90

The tax deductible amount is 50% of the ticket price
票面價的百分之五十可抵稅, 請保留票根.

預售 Pre-sales begin 11/15/18 ( pay by check only )

Check payable to: CCMF
Mail to address: P.O.Box 10453, San Jose, CA95157


正式售票 Tickets on sale 2/1/18 ( if pay by PayPal + 4% processing fee )

*Buy tickets by Text / phone  簡訊/電話 購票

Carol   408-857-7598

LuLu   408-480-8886

Debby 510-659-8028

Lydia   510-673-2000

Miaoli 650-438-7813

Shu      916-599-3921

*Buy tickets online 網上購票