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The organization was founded in 1996 by Dr. Paul Huang, a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, in memory of his late wife Daisy Ku Huang who died of stomach cancer in February, 1996 at the age of 46. The organization, originally named the Daisy Ku Huang Memorial Foundation, then changed to the Chinese Cancer Memorial Foundation (CCMF), so that it could welcome other families who lost their loved ones to cancer and invite them to join Dr. Huang to be under the new CCMF’s charter to help cancer patients either directly or through other cancer-related organizations.

CCMF mainly financially supports other cancer-related organizations, such as New Hope Chinese Cancer Care Foundation, Asian Liver Center, Stanford University Medical Center, Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care and Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care, to sponsor cancer prevention education and End of Life supports. All requests and projects are carefully screened and evaluated by 7 board members, chaired by Dr. Paul Huang. Among them, Nai-Yu Pai is a CPA, Dr. Jenta Shen and Dr. Ming-Chien Tang are in the medical field, Wen Ku is in high tech management field, Wen Wu and Kitty Geiger are in finance field.

It’s a small organization. It does not have any staff members; all board members are volunteers. They do whatever they can within their capability to help cancer patients and other organizations to fight cancer together. As of December 2018 service activities included emergency financial aid to more than 120 cancer patients, and providing health screening for over 1,000 new low-income uninsured Chinese immigrants. If you have any questions, please communicate with board member Kitty Geiger at: kitty.geiger@sbcglobal.net.


華人癌症紀念基金會是由矽谷企業家黃炎松博士在1996為了紀念他因胃癌去世的前妻顧伊文女士所創辦。原名黃顧伊文女士紀念基金會, 後來改成華人癌症紀念基金會; 原因是黃炎松先生歡迎別的家族為了紀念因癌去世的親人加入此組織的行列, 一起來直接幫助癌友,及支援其他防癌組織幫助新移民防癌及抗癌。

此基金會贊助其他與癌症相關及致力生命教育,臨終關懷的組織如新希望華人癌症關懷基金會,史坦福大學亞裔肝臟中心,美華慈心關懷聯盟,希望之心安寧醫護關懷中心。任何一件申請案例, 皆由黃炎松先生帶領的七位董事會小心審核; 這七位董事中白迺昱先生是會計師, 沈仁達先生及唐名建女士在醫學界,顧問先生在高科技執行管理工作, 吳文良先生及徐靜雲女士從事財務工作.

此基金會是一個很小的組織, 沒有支薪的僱員, 所有董事都是義務參與; 但是我們在能力範圍儘力而為。過去二十年的服務項目中包括短期或長期援助超過120位緊急財務困難的病人,及支援低收入無保險的新移民華人逾千人在醫院做健康檢查。如果您有任何疑問, 請e-mail聯絡本會董事徐靜雲 kitty.geiger@sbcglobal.net.

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